We are a women owned & led Global Creative Collective and Production Company.

We work with storytellers, creators, and image-makers, producing innovative content for international clients and world-renowned artists.

As a human centered organization, we value integrity, lead with respect, and envision a new world one story at a time.

With offices in NY, LA & LDN.

We are human centered.

We create an environment & community that listens to everyone.

We lead with heart and see people where they are.

It’s what we do & how we do it.

We are curious.

We are always looking and listening.

We flip conventional to find innovation.

We like getting to know you.

Integrity is our northstar.

We are respectful of others & care deeply.

We look to work with people aligned with our ethos.

We are passionate about progressing our work, the world and the industry.

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EP / Head of Film & TV
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